Programs & Projects

CJA programs and special projects are developed to support the initiatives set forth by the Grand Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Each program is designed to align with one or more elements of Delta’s Five-Point Program Thrust: Educational Development, Economic Development, Physical and Mental Health, Political Awareness and Involvement, and International Awareness and Involvement.

Educational Development (Youth Programs)


Political Awareness and Involvement

Strategic Partnerships Task Force

Economic Development

Physical and Mental Health

  • Sisters Together – Move More Eat Better
  • Sisters Together – Journey to Health Wellness

International Awareness and Involvement

Arts and Letters Initiatives

  • Crimson Carpet Poetry Cypher
  • Artist Forum

ARTS & LETTERS COMMITTEE promotes individual and community awareness of the various fields of artistic endeavors; encourages the development of individual and collective skills in the liberal arts; showcase those who possess talents which contribute to an increased sensitivity to and an appreciation of the beauty around us; and support those organizations that foster artistic and related disciplines.

DR. BETTY SHABAZZ DELTA ACADEMY/DELTA GEMS COMMITTEE is a national program sponsored by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. to enhance the future of girls as they approach the next millennium. The academy is designed for girls between the ages of 11 and 18 who demonstrate the potential to succeed, but may not have the necessary support systems.

DELTA GEMS COMMITTEE is a national program sponsored by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. to enhance the future of girls as they approach the next millennium. The Delta GEMS program inspires and supports high school aged girls to achieve academically and socially.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE raises awareness about financial planning within our communities.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE increases educational skills within our community.

EMBODI COMMITTEE (Empowering Males in Build Opportunities for Developing Independence) is a national program designed to address the crisis of our African American young males 13 thru 18.

INTERNATIONAL AWARENESS AND INVOLVEMENT COMMITTEE provides international service and awareness and implements National and Regional initiatives.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH COMMITTEE is responsible for designing and implementing chapter and community-based programs/activities that promote awareness of physical and mental issues specific to women and the African-American community. They are also charged with implementing specific programs developed at the national level.

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS demonstrates our united power of service and our commitment to lead, serve and empower our communities.

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE is responsible for planning and implementing the application process to award scholarships annually to students based upon criteria that has been established by this committee and voted on by the chapter.

SOCIAL ACTION is focused on creating or changing public policy. The committee is charged with informing sorors and the larger community about important policy issues. This committee keeps our chapter abreast of current national and local issues so that we may take appropriate actions. The Social Action Committee plans and implements activities that encourage political actions such as voter registration and education, letter writing campaigns to our legislators, affordable health care advocacy and financial fortitude.