During these unprecedented trying times we all are experiencing some level of worry, concern, stress and anxiety. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, we are all in this TOGETHER.  The CJA-Emergency Response Team seeks to suggest some ideas on coping methods by giving you information of APPS and a weekly on-line meditation class…. MEDITATION SOUL SUNDAYS to help you to manage and get through the days ahead.

The CJA/DST Emergency Response Team reminds you to look to our State and Federal Government agencies for up to date information on the continuing fight of the COVID-19 virus.  

  •  Smiling Mind (iOS and Android) is free – no subscriptions, no in-app purchases – and is built specifically for children and adults seeking to deal with daily stress. The app is based on mindfulness courses that train people to deal with stress in the classroom or workplace.
  • Stop Breathe and Think (free on iOS and Android with subscription content). This was one of the first and continues to be one of the most popular mindfulness and meditation apps available. It’s available on iTunes and Google Play. The app works in several ways that could benefit people looking for some stress relief.  It features a daily check-in to get a gauge on your stress level and how you’re feeling physically.
  • Ambi Pro (iOS). Ambi Pro specializes in ambient music, using algorithms to change tracks instead of recordings that are looped. The app also blends tracks together so one doesn’t end abruptly. For those who relax with music or the sound of nature, this is considered a top app.
  • Stop, Breathe and Think Kids (free on iOS with subscription content). This app is much like Stop, Breathe and Think except it’s focused on children, with less time juggling the interface and the daily check-in is less complicated. There’s little instruction involved and simplicity is a plus.  There’s not much in the way of explanation, it gets to down to business with the exercises. 
  •  Headspace (free with subscriptions available iOS and Android): Headspace has free specific sessions for moments of panic, anxiety and stress. There are also quick 2-3 minute meditation sessions and special animations that teach skills and answer questions about mindfulness. 

Sorors stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive. . .. THIS TOO SHALL PASS

CJA-DST Emergency Response Team