Social media followers of the Central Jersey Alumnae Chapter (CJA) of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. experienced a media blitz on Sunday, December 1st for World AIDS Day. The chapter’s International Awareness and Involvement Committee (IAI) partnered with its Public Relations Committee to create 13 public service announcements to bring awareness to the community about HIV & AIDS. The number 13 is significant to CJA because the organization was founded on January 13, 1913. Accordingly, the goal was to post a total of 13 videos on the 13th after each hour for 13 hours. Videos were posted every hour from 7:13 AM through 7:13 PM and included an explanation of the history of World AIDS Day, the difference between HIV and AIDS, New Jersey statistics, avoiding stigma, a description of HIV medications, tips on taking medication, determining one’s risk for HIV, interpreting one’s HIV test results, encouraging loved ones to get tested, how to support a friend with HIV/AIDS, and the importance of knowing one’s HIV/AIDS status. These original videos were created by CJA from reputable sources that included, but were not limited to, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Joint United National Programme on AIDS, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and All videos are viewable on the chapter’s YouTube channel under CJA-DST. CJA is exceptionally proud of its PSA titled Why Is it Important to Know Your Status? which features video clips of its members. Please view the video here: CJA-I-Know-My-Status.