Economic Development dFree Workshop

Central Jersey Alumnae Chapter’s Economic Development Committee served the community this year with another series of financial fortitude dfree workshops held at Washington Community School in Plainfield, NJ.   Led by Sorors Michelle Dutton, Shakira Williams Lindzey and Cathy Daniels Brimmer, participants learned a host of fiscally important life lessons.  Do you know the difference between retail spending and confused spending?  Do you know how your income versus expenditures compare each month?  Our dfree attendees now do!  Understanding and admitting the enslavement of debt, deficit and delinquency is key to the road to financial freedom.  Commitments were made by all participants to using cash as much as possible, paying their credit card bills before month-end and living within their means.


College Preparatory Workshop

On January 28, 2017, Central Jersey Alumnae Chapter’s Education Committee provided their second of two workshops, tailor-designed for college-bound youth and their parents.  Following their extremely successful first workshop that focused on leveraging sports to achieve college acceptance, this event brought back-to-basics information about college preparatory processes.

Guest speakers were Soror Dr. Angela Moody Robinson and Dr. Terri S. Davis. The importance of developing good study skills before college was stressed, and interactive exercises helped students understand if their method of learning leaned more towards global (creative, reflective or intuitive) versus analytical (logical or structured).  Understanding their learning process would become important when tackling their college studies.  Rounding out the workshop were equally important discussions on the college admissions and financial aid processes.